Hemoglobinopathy Translational Research Skills Core

The HTRC (Hemoglobinopathy Translational Research Skills Core) is a research career advancing/training opportunity funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Eight programs were funded across the United States. These mentored research programs are aimed to increase the number of junior investigators conducting independent hemoglobinopathy research.

The Augusta University HTRC (Augusta University-HTRC) will focus on training young scientists in research related to sickle cell disease. Scholars will be paired with mentors in their area of research interest, learn grant writing skills, and develop an independent research project with the goal of applying for a mentored K-award or other similar funding opportunity by the end of the training period.



    • Junior-level faculty or Post Doctoral Fellows at accredited institutions with research interest related to hemoglobinopathies.
    • The final selection of scholars will be based on merit while considering the potential of scholars to become independent investigators.
    • Must be a United States Citizen or Permanent United States Resident.




    • The primary mission of the HTRC is to train independent investigators conducting hemoglobinopahty research to increase the diversity of scientist in the field and help scholars gain experience in advanced methods and experimental approaches in basic and translational research related to sickle cell disease.




    • The Sickle Cell Center faculty at Augusta University will deliver didactic lectures on various hemoglobinopathy topics and provide opportunity for scholars to gain laboratory and clinic/translational research training. Scholars will also have an opportunity to complete the MSTP and receive a Master’s degree.
    • Mentor Teams will be established based on common research interests to develop specific research projects and long-term collaborations.
    • The HTRC training program consists of: formal mentoring, development of a mentored research project, formal training in a Master’s in Clinical Translational Sciences (MCTS), participation in Sickle Cell Center seminars, complete the Hemoglobinopathy Core Curriculum, and submission of a K-award or similar funding by the end of training.




    • The HTRC is funded by NHLBI from 2013-2018. Three cohorts of scholars will be recruited to the program for two years of support.