Task Trainers

The ISC has a large and expanding inventory of partial task trainers to meet the healthcare training needs of our programs.

These trainers include models for airway training, nursing care, procedural training, auscultation training, reproductive health, physical examination, CPR training, and other anatomical models.

CPR Training

  • Adult Manikin
  • Infant Manikin

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  • Adult Airway
  • Pediatric Airway
  • Infant Airway
  • Intubation Demonstration Cutaway Model
  • Fiber Optic Airway Trainer
  • Anesthetic Airway Simulator
  • Cricothyrotomy Simulator

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Nursing Care

  • Wound Care Model 'Seymour Butts'
  • Chester Chest
  • Surgical Sally Wound Care Torso
  • Ostomy Care Trainer
  • Chest Tube Care Model
  • Tracheostomy Care Model
  • Wound Care Buttocks

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  • Lumbar Puncture Model
  • IV Arm - Adult & Geriatric
  • CVC Training Model
  • Enema Trainer
  • Arterial Line Arm Trainer
  • Intradermal Injection Arm

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  • Dysrhythmia Auscultation Trainer
  • Heart and Lung Auscultation Trainer
  • Auscultation Torso
  • Harvey Cardiopulmonary Simulator

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Reproductive Health

  • Breast Self Exam Model
  • Testicular Exam Model
  • Prostate Teaching Model
  • Pelvic/Cath Model
  • Pelvic Exam Model
  • Stages of Labor Model Set
  • PelvicSim Exam Simulator

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  • Eye Exam Models
  • Ear Exam Models
  • Blood Pressure Arm

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Anatomical Models

  • Spine with Attached Pelvis
  • Quarter-Man Cross Sectional Anatomy Model
  • 3D Anatomy Model with Removable Organs

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