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Student Success Stories

Student Testimonial pic from Luke Street

"Resume guidance, career counseling, mock interviews and assistance in finding an internship are a few of the Career Services resources I used in orderto advance my professional career. Someone once told me the worst thing anyone can say to you is "no"."

Luke Street, Communication Major

Corporate Communication Intern, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS)

Student Testimonial pic from J. Ashley Panter

"Without the guidance and skills learned by my professors at Augusta University, I never would have been qualified to make the leap into the career I have today."

J. Ashley Panter, Communication Major

UI/UXDesigner, Taxslayer

Student Testimonial pic from Ciara Martin

"I was hired as an HR intern at La-Z-Boy Southeast in June and continued working as an intern until graduation. La-Z-Boy Southeast provided a great place for me to develop professionally."

Ciara Martin, Business Administration

HR Specialist, La-Z-Boy Southeast

Student Testimonial pic from Kendric McIntyre

"By gaining this important internship, knowledge, experience and being involved with these professionals, I am getting one step closer to achieving my goal of being able to help business owners leverage proven, results-driven online."

Kendric McIntyre, Marketing Major

Search Specialist Intern, Powerserve

Student Testimonial pic from Brikkel Rucker

"My role is to provide administrative support to a research team working on a clinical trial. Career Services overall does an AMAZING job of providing endless opportunities for students to succeed."

Brikkel Rucker, Communication Major

Research Assistant

Student Testimonial pic from Katie Cooper

"I am so lucky that every day I have the opportunity towork with high school seniors, teaching them about the skills they will need after high school in terms of written, verbal, and digital communication."

Katie Cooper, Instruction Major

High School English Teacher, Columbia County School System

Student Testimonial pic from Anne Mortimer

"Career Services helped me get my foot in the door with setting up events, providing interview skills, and a resume review."

Anne Mortimer, Accounting Major

Accounting Paraprofessional, Anderson, Adkins & Company

Student Testimonial pic from Addie Broom

"By pursuing occupational therapy, I will have the opportunity to empower others, exemplify a level of professionalism, uphold moral standards, and change the lives of others by offering expert care."

Addie Broom, Occupational Therapy Major

Student, Occupational Therapy program

Student Testimonial pic from Chase Beggs

"My degree helped me to land a job in government and public service. Now I am able to serve and make a difference in my hometown, promoting building and growth."

Chase Beggs, History and Public Administration Major

Planning and Zoning Administrator, Thomas-McDuffie County Planning Commission

Student Testimonial pic from Symone Chavis

"Doing mock interviews really helped me feel more confident in the actual interview. A lot of the tips in the interview video I used during my real interview. I also felt that knowing exactly how to dress was helpful because it was one less thing to worry about."

Symone Chavis, Nursing Major

Registered Nurse, Grady Hospital

Student Testimonial pic from Brenna Cartledge

"Amanda Boland at Career Services has helped me greatly throughout the years. She has worked with me to help improved my interview skills and resume. I’m so thankful that as students we have access to Career Services."

Brenna Cartledge, Kinesiology Major

Dental Hygiene Candidate for Class of 2020

Student Testimonial pic from Kenny Osorio

"My Career Services counselor helped with most of the paper work that had to be handed in to Augusta Warrior Project. When I was interviewed, I was preparedand I was able to get on board. I was able to get a great experience as an intern during the summer."

Kenny Osorio, Political Science Major

Non Profit InternWounded Warrior Project

Student Testimonial pic from Jennifer Dill

"I heard about a group of analysts being assembled, so I followed up with informational interviews until I found an opening for which I was qualified. I believe having completed my internship at AU was key to landing this job."

Jennifer Dill, Post-Bacc Analytics

Augusta University Institutional Information Analyst

Student Testimonial pic from Madison Kulig

"As a Supply Chain Intern at GIW, I was able to enhance my Excel skills and learn some basics about SAP as well as how to audit by counting inventory every Tuesday. I hope to stay connected and see GIW againin the future."

Madison Kulig, Accounting Major

Georgia Iron Works Supply Chain Intern

Student Testimonial pic from Raysean Ricks

"The Georgia College Advising Corps aims to increase the number of low-income, first-generation college and underrepresented high school students who enter and complete higher education. I help them through every step of the college application process. Career Services has impacted my job search by giving me valuable criticism of my resumes."

Raysean Ricks, Communication Major

Westside High School College Advisor

Student Testimonial pic from Irisa Wheeler

"Career Services pushed me to apply for my News 12 internship and helped me with my resume and cover letter. I am now one HUGE step closer to reaching my career goals, and am very appreciative of this service. EVERY STUDENT should be utilizing their services. It's FREE!!""

Irisa Wheeler, Communication Major

News Intern WRDW

Student Testimonial pic from Maltesia Kindle

"It is my responsibility to provide assistance to Residents and the Clerkship program. Career Services was very helpful and provided me with a lot of resources in my job search."

Maltesia Kindle, Sociology Major

Office Specialist, Medical of College of Georgia

Student Testimonial pic from Sapna Darji

"After graduation, I wanted exposure to professional work before I continued with the graduate school. I met with my career advisor, to explore work opportunities in the Augusta area. They not only introduced me to several job search engines, but also prepared me well with the proper resume, business etiquette, sample cover letter, and a mock interview. A few months later I was hired! Now I am not only a proud AU alumni but also a proud AU employee."

Sapna Darji, Psychology Major

Academic Advisor Augusta University

Student Testimonial pic from Breanne Eckert

"As one of Cobb's Recruitment Coordinators, I recruited therapists who have an interest in working in school systems. My job will entail sourcing and identifying talent and helping build relationships between the company and qualified professionals in order to best fill much-needed roles in Metro Atlanta school systems."

Breanne Eckert, Applied Experimental Psychology Major

Recruitment Coordinator, Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services

Student Testimonial pic from Leslie Dodson

"As a protocol specialist, I assist the protocol officer for high ranking US and foreign dignitaries visits as well as arranging housing, amenities, and transportation. Career Services helped me improve my resume and interviewing skills. Additionally, the JagPREP program took me step-by step on how to prepare and enhance my career search."

Leslie Dodson, Master of Public Administration Major

U.S. Army Protocol Specialist

Student Testimonial pic from Sherita Cash

"Mr. Holland in Career Services helped prepare me for interviews, as well as proofread and provided suggestions for my resume. Because of his honest criticism, I was able to appear as professional on paper as I do in person. I think without his help I would still be searching for employment."

Sherita Cash, Psychology Major

HR Recruitment Coordinator Augusta University

Student Testimonial pic from Chandria Tenpenny

"As a member of the Westside High School counseling department, I am elated to be working collaboratively with administrators, teachers, students, and parents to help students succeed."

Chandria Tenpenny, Counselor Education Major

Westside High School Counselor

Student Testimonial pic from Connor Waldron

"Career Services & the JagPrep experience impacted this project by establishing my professionalism beforehand, from the way I dress to the way I approach a conversation."

Connor Waldron, Management Major

Jan-Pro Project Manager

Student Testimonial pic from Nancy Hui

"It has always been my lifelong dream to become a flight attendant. Resume building and mock interviews made me more confident and helped me stand out from the 200,000 other applicants for just 1,300 positions."

Nancy Hui, Business Administration Major

Delta Flight Attendant

Student Testimonial pic from Clifton Robertson

"As an intern for the Process Control & Automation Engineering Department at SRNS, I worked on full-spectrum software development including requirement elicitation, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance. Career Services was a huge impact to my job search from start to finish. I have utilized a wide range of their services including resume building, mock interviews, job fairs, and one-on-one meetings with my adviser."

Clifton Robertson, Information Technology Major

SRNS Software Engineer

Student Testimonial pic from Steven Cauthron

"The Augusta University Job Fair helped me coordinate with other businesses for potential employment upon completion of military service. It also helped provide me professional contacts that will be beneficial for sharing informationin the future."

Steven Cauthron, Chemistry Major with Nuclear Science Concentration

U.S. Army Chemical Officer

Student Testimonial pic from Willie Cummings

"I made my life my career and made opportunities for myself. I joined a family that has the same vision I have and we created something nobody in Augusta has."

Willie Cummings, Integrated Studies Major

Co-Owner Transportal Pictures

Student Testimonial pic from Francis Medina

"In 2018 I gathered 20 organizations for the 26th Hispanic Festival at the Evans Towne Park. I informed them about opportunities to learn English, suicide prevention, medical needs, free HIV testing, mental health care, LGBTQ+ support, and many more. It was an incredible opportunity."

Francis Medina, Biology Major

Director of Education Asociacion Cultural Hipanoamericana (ACHA)

Student Testimonial pic from Tyler Gray

"I’ll get to work closely with AU Staff and plan events to honor them for their time serving our University!"

Tyler Gray, Marketing Major

Employee Recognition Coordinator, Office of Learning and Development

Student Testimonial pic from Morgan Hunter

"At my internship, I wrote one article a week for AU websites on topics ranging from Common Household Injuries, promoting AU’s new OnDemand Clinic, to student directed pieces like Admissions Anxiety and How To Relax."

Morgan Hunter, English Major

Internship, AU Department of Communications and Marketing

Student Testimonial pic from Callie Potkulski

"Career Services helped me prepare well for my job interview and think through questions that were asked."

Callie Potkulski, Nursing Major

Registered Nurse at Piedmont Athens Regional Cardiology Unit

Student Testimonial pic from Kaitlyn Skinner

"For the next three years, I will work as a Supply Management Specialist in Waterloo, Iowa. I will also have a position as a Material Replenishment Specialist in Davenport, Iowa. Though this is a development program, I will be a salaried full-time employee of John Deere."

Kaitlyn Skinner, Math with Secondary Education Major

Supply Management Specialist and Material Replenishment Specialist

Student Testimonial pic from Phillip Austin

"Ms. Melissa Hall helped me with my resume and with placing me in the best position to achieve success by giving me multiple opportunities to get in front of employers and to get my name out to recruiters."

Phillip Austin, Communication Major

Job Placement Specialist, MAU