At the Georgia Cancer Center, we believe in achieving scientific excellence in both basic science and clinical research. We want to recruit innovative scientists who have a passion for patients because tomorrow’s clinical trials begin in the basic science labs today.

Research at the Georgia Cancer Center continues to focus on the most promising pathways for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Our labs include 57 research faculty with a funding portfolio of $16,249,929. This includes 21 NCI-funded grants totaling $7,987,143. To help our research teams make breakthroughs and discover new therapy opportunities, the Georgia Cancer Center's administrative team has curated and created lists of both internal and external grant funding opportunities.

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Intramural Funding Archive

UGA - Augusta University Cancer Research Initiative Awards 2014 Closed
UGA - Augusta University Cancer Research Collaboration Awards 2015 Closed
American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grants Closed
Cancer Biorepository Use Awards Closed
Collaborative Research Awards Closed
Director’s Innovation Award Closed
Georgia Cancer Center Basic Science Pilot Awards Closed
Georgia Cancer Center Health Disparities Research Pilot Awards Closed
Paceline – Basic or Translational Disparities Research Funding Closed
Polatty Family Innovative Cancer Research Award Closed
Research Awards for Cancer Clinical Fellows & Residents Closed
Summerville - Cancer Center Collaborative Research Awards Closed
Translational Research Awards II Closed
Translational Research Awards Closed
Unite in the Fight Against Cancer III Closed