Club sports are student-led organizations which provide leadership and athletic opportunities for Augusta University.

Club Sports are recognized by Student Life & Engagement and are a part of Campus Recreation. All club sports teams are voluntary and involvement is aimed at enhancing the student experience at Augusta University. Campus Recreation acts as staff advisors and club liaisons to help facilitate the process and offer support. Campus Recreation advocates for sports clubs and helps with expenses and programming. Club Sports are expected to meet, comply, and follow all policies put in place by Campus Recreation and Augusta University.

How are clubs funded?

Club sports teams are primarily funded by dues, fundraisers, sponsors, donations and allocations from the Campus Recreation department. 

Get Involved!

A club may be instructional, recreational and/or competitive in nature. They don't have the demands that are associated with university varsity athletic teams.

What sports are offered at AU?

Current Club Sports
Sport Location Rec Competitive *Proxy
Soccer (Men's) On Campus     
Soccer (Women's) On Campus  
Volleyball (Men's) On Campus      
Volleyball (Women's) On Campus    
Archery Off Campus  
Disc Golf Off Campus  
Pom & Dance Association On Campus    
eSports On Campus      
Billiards On Campus      
Table Tennis On Campus      

Club Descriptions

*Indicates that a club is under development and/or serves as a proxy club under the Campus Recreation staff. Proxy clubs offer the chance for a leadership position within the club.

The Jaguar Archery Group is our biggest club and offers a variety of fun. This club has USA Archery certified instructors to help teach you more about the sport, a competition team that participates in tournaments all over the United States. The club also offers a recreational component in case you are not interested in competing.

Soccer (Men's/Women's*)
Club Soccer is a competitive team that practices and competes on a regular basis. The Augusta University Men's Club Soccer belongs to the Southeast Collegiate Soccer Alliance (SCSA). Women's Club Soccer is currently a proxy club.

Volleyball (Men's/Women's)
Club Volleyball practices and attends tournaments, as well as playing scrimmages and games. Both the Men's and Women's Club Volleyball team combine to participate in Co-Ed Club matches when applicable.

Pom & Dance Association
As a relatively new club, the Pom & Dance Association performs around campus to serve as practice before they start competing at collegiate competitions in the near future.

Disc Golf
This club practices off campus at the Hippodrome. It is considered to be both recreational and competitive.

eSports - League of Legends
eSports club plays "League of Legends" in the Peach Belt Conference. The club is actively recruiting students.