Art Hardy Memorial Scholarship

ThisArt Hardy scholarship is awarded in memory of Art Hardy, RRT, a 1991 graduate of the Respiratory Therapy program, who died in a plane crash in 1993 while transporting a critically ill infant. Throughout his life, and especially as a neonatal respiratory therapist, Art gave selflessly of himself to help others. View this video to learn more about his life.  


 This award is presented to a respiratory therapy student, who demonstrates the following qualities:

  • academic excellence
  • leadership
  • professionalism
  • public service

Recipients are selected by the faculty of the Respiratory Therapy program.

AMOUNT: $250


2018 - Carla Amburn
2017 - Michael Brantley
2016 - Adrienne Grant
2015 - Benjamin Charles Hill
2014 - Musi Nde
2013 - Mallory Bodolosky and Heather Pretzello
2012 - Katie Borseth and Amber Sherrill
2010 - Garrick Bjorn Spoon and Rachel Edith Stern 
2009 - Christen E. Adcock
2008 - Caitlin Fincher
2007 - Adam Whittemore
2006 - Andrea Coachman


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