Department of Physical Therapy Scholarships/Awards


Bella J. May, the founding Chairperson of the Department of Physical Therapy, established this achievement award to honor the student who shows the greatest potential of becoming a caring, competent, creative and contributing member of the profession of physical therapy.

CRITERIA: This award is presented to a physical therapy student who demonstrates the following qualities: 
1) creativity 
2) competence 
3) significant contribution to the community

The recipient of this award is selected by Committee consisting of representatives of the faculty and the final year student body appointed by the Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy.

AMOUNT: $800 (amount may vary)

2012 - Jonathon Kruse
2011 - Tyler Shultz
2009 - Stacey Darrish 
2008 - Tracy Evans
2005 - Blaine Henry
2004 - Shanika Shannon
2002 - Allison Gilmer and Katie Lawrence
2001 - Chris Nesbitt
2000 - Richard Darin Durell
1999 - Tammy Williams
1998 - Angela Skarsaune



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