Department of Medical Laboratory, Imaging and Radiologic Sciences Scholarships/Awards


Dr. Walter L. Shepeard was the faculty mentor for the first Bachelor of Sciences degree in Medical Technology, established in 1957. Dr. Walter L. Shepeard was a Professor of Pathology and Director of the Hospital Clinical Laboratories, beginning in 1948 and continuing until 1971. Dr. Shepeard served as the chairman of the Department of Medical Technology from 1968 to 1971, when he retired.

CRITERIA: This award was created to honor a medical technology student who for academic, professional, and personal achievements, have manifested some of the characteristics of the late professor.

AMOUNT: $ 1,000


2015 - Ashley Moore and Angela Zaki
2014 - Rebecca Russell and Sydney Knapp
2013 - Lacey Ann Campbell
2012 - Gordon Kenyon and Brandon Edwards
2011 - Mustapha Tamba
2010 - Brian Lasseter and Linda Fonju
2009 - Zaria Hudson


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