Department of Undergraduate Health Professions Scholarships/Awards




This award is presented to a student that has demonstrated performance and diplomacy across multiple disciplines in the imaging and radiation sciences.

CRITERIA: The recipient must demonstrate: 
1) academic excellence 
2) strong clinical skills 
3) high professional standards 
4) commitment to the community 
5) commitment to the Department of Medical Laboratory, Imaging, and  Radiological Sciences

AMOUNT: $250 (amount may vary)


2020 - CPT. Rebecca Stratford (CLS), Kelsey Chambers (NMT), and Emily Dufty (RTT)
2019 - Brittany Ikuesan (CLS), Nani Pogue (NMT), and Ashley Moulton (RTT)
2018 - Karishma Rajani (CLS), Arielle Miler (NMT), and Alyssa Kopanski (RTT)
2017 - Ashley Humphries (CLS), Amber Reed (NMT), and Tsegawbizu Gebru (RTT)
2016 - Tynickwa Mims (CLS), Taylor Hasty (NMT), and Ali Seigler (RTT)
2015 - Angela Zaki (CLS), Angie Poole (NMT), and Taylor Gray (RTT)
2014 - Rebecca L. Russell (CLS) and Alexis K. Harville (RTT)


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