Department of Medical Laboratory, Imaging and Radiologic Sciences Scholarships/Awards


The Tony Molini Award is presented to a rising senior enrolled in the Medical College of Georgia Nuclear Medicine Technology baccalaureate program. This senior demonstrates superior qualities of clinical and professional practice in Nuclear Medicine Technology in the spirit of dedication to the profession and patient care emulated by Mr. Antonio Molini.

CRITERIA: Presentation of a professional travel award to the GSNMT annual meeting for one rising BSRS student enrolled in the Medical College of Georgia Nuclear Medicine Technology program at the Augusta campus who meets the criteria outlined below. If no rising senior meets the criteria in a given year, no award will be made.

 1) Minimum academic GPA of 3.0 in the MCG NMT professional program, calculated by grades from fall, spring, and summer semester of the junior year.

2) Documentation of clinical performance above and beyond required standards of excellence for academic clinical achievement.

3) General information form to document extracurricular activities and GPA.

4) Two letters of support from clinical staff.

5) Student essay of one single spaced typed page on the topic selected by the committee annually.

6) Winning essay to be submitted by student to local, state, and/or national media for publication.


Submission Deadline: December 1

AMOUNT: $500


2015 - Donna Siler
2014 - Joshua Byne
2010 - Anjali Patel
2009 - Terry Morrow
2008 - Haley Rainey
2007 - Mark Jarvis


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