Department of Dental Hygiene Scholarships/Awards


Sigma Phi Alpha is the National Honor Society for the Dental Hygiene profession. This scholarship is awarded to students who exhibit exemplary clinical skills, professionalism, and possess the ability to motivate their patients to maintain good oral health.

CRITERIA: The scholarship applicant must:
1) be a second year student
2) have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
3) Nominees must submit an essay highlighting their possession of the following qualities:
4) accepts patients without judging or discriminating
5) promotes good patient rapport
6) builds trust through professional credibility
7) exhibits exemplary clinical skills
8) motivates patients to strive for and maintain good oral health

Students are nominated by the Department of Dental Hygiene faculty and selected by the members of the Sigma Phi Alpha Scholarship Committee.

AMOUNT: $400 (amount may vary)


2014 - Jacqueline Bascino
2011 - Stephanie Silva and Hannah Sissom
2010 - Katie Kelsey and Lisa Rhodes
2009 - Heather McHargue and Jennifer Plueger

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