Research Mission Strategic Plan Introduction

Research and scholarship at Augusta University encompasses discovery, creativity and innovation. Research includes both extramurally funded and institutionally funded programs and scholarly activities across all disciplines.

Research and scholarship at Augusta University is designed to generate new knowledge, encourage students, faculty, and staff development, enhance Augusta University’s reputation, engage the community, provide opportunities for students, generate revenue for further research, and encourage transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary activities and partnerships both within Augusta University and with external entities.

Research is defined by 1) peer review, 2) public dissemination, and 3) measurable impact and includes basic, clinical, population-based, community-based, translational, educational, social behavior, and business research, as well as other types of research such as media contributions, artistic performance, artistic contributions, contracts and grants, intellectual contributions, intellectual property, presentations, etc. 

Research Mission Strategic Planning Assumptions

Strategic Focus Area 1: Innovation & Integration

Strategic Focus Area 2: Infrastructure & Support

Strategic Focus Area 3: Collaboration & Partnerships

Strategic Focus Area 4: Community Engagement

Strategic Focus Area 5: Culture & Engagement

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