Our Mission

In Accordance with the CAS Standards in Higher Education:

Augusta University Greek Life

  • Promotes the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, ethical, civic, and career development of all its members.
  • Garner new skills in leadership, group dynamics, and organizational development.
  • Promotes member involvement in co-curricular activities and believes that strong Greek Life organizations are a direct representation of a unified campus community.
  • Fosters an appreciation for community service and philanthropic projects, diversity, cross-cultural competencies, as well as being major advocates for success among its members - both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Supports and encourages members to align their actions with the mission and values of their organization
  • Collaborates with undergraduate and graduate (Alumni) members, faculty, and other advisors and organizational staff or volunteers who support that same organizational mission.

Our Values

In Accordance with the CAS Standards in Higher Education:


Greek Life organizations are held to an exceptional standard of academic excellence in which knowledge acquisition, integration, construction, and application of learning are of the utmost importance. Each chapter has its own academic standards to which it holds each individual member to but collectively, Greek Life strives to meet scholastic standards set apart from other student organizations. Greek Life members must be Augusta University students first and Greek Life members second meaning that academic programming, recognition, and support from faculty/staff, professors, and advisors play an integral part in Greek Life success. Augusta University offers membership into Order of Omega, a Greek Honor Society, in which fraternity men and women are able to be recognized for their high standard of academic success. 


Greek Life organizations believe that an effective leader knows how to examine various perspectives, often different from one’s own point of view, which help to create meaningful relationships, effective collaboration efforts, and self-awareness among each of its members. Augusta University Greek Life encourages its members to participate in a variety of programs that provide opportunities for leadership development. By being involved in a variety of programs and student organizations, Greek members can bring different insight into chapter operations, pursue personal goals, develop communication skills, and also gain an understanding of professionalism in preparation for life after college.


Humanitarianism and civic engagement are two founding elements of service and philanthropy among Greek Life organizations. Cultivating an understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences while tending to one’s social and civic responsibility is a dynamic characteristic of Greek Life at Augusta University. While each Greek Life organization has its own philanthropy, either nationally established or individually chosen, all members can agree that service and philanthropy help to develop lifelong habits of giving back to those we wish to impact, as well as an appreciation for the community in which we live.


Joining a fraternity or sorority is about building lifelong friendships that encompass shared rituals, traditions, and organizational values unique to each organization. Bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are formed within an organization and provide Augusta University Greeks with a home away from home, mentorship, career networking, and a sense of community on-campus. Fraternity and sorority members are provided with opportunities to meet a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and settings that create a support system of accountability in upholding organizational standards, ideals, and a healthy lifestyle.