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Thursday, May 13

Join us in congratulating our Spring 2021 graduates.
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April 14 6:00 PM

MCG Raft Debate

MCG faculty members play their roles and make their case for survival based on their contributions to society. This insight helps teach sophomore and junior medical students the pros and cons of different medical specialties. Students leave the debate not only with a better understanding of the specialties but with a keener sense of direction.
April 16 3:00 PM

State of the University Address

Brooks A. Keel, PhD
Join us for a virtual State of the University Address prestended by Dr. Keel.
May 13 TBA

Spring 2021 Commencement

Spring commencement ceremonies for Augusta University are planned for Thursday, May 13, at Lady A Pavilion, 7016 Evans Town Center Park. There will be a morning and an afternoon ceremony to accommodate participants and guests, while also following appropriate COVID-19 precautions.
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ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

Celebrating Gretchen Caughman

2020 Spring Commencement

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