andrewProfessor of History

PhD, Texas A & M University; JD, Duke University; BA, University of Montevallo; 706-667-4565
Allgood E216

Hubert P. van Tuyll is a native of the Netherlands with degrees from Montevallo (BA economics), Duke (JD), and Texas A&M (PhD history). The author of five books on various aspects of military/strategic history, his current interests include the Versailles negotiations of 1919, civil war in the Anglo-Celtic world, and Irish studies.

Courses Taught:

  • HIST 2111: United States to 1877
  • HIST 3012: World History Seminar
  • HIST 3311: Modern Russia
  • HIST 3491: Military History of the US
  • HIST 4381: Nineteenth Century Europe
  • HIST 4391: Twentieth Century Europe
  • HIST 4421: Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST 4451: National Security and Foreign Policy, 1898-present