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Although all English majors have many courses in common, each track requires some courses of its own. Read Student Learning Outcomes [PDF] for all English majors.

  1. English Literature:  May lead to careers that require skill in reading, research, and critical thinking.
  2. English/Secondary Education:  Includes a teaching certificate as preparation for teaching high school English.
  3. Creative Writing:  May lead to a career in writing or editing.
  4. Professional Writing and Rhetoric:  Focuses on editing and writing for academia, business, government, or media.


Choosing which track in which to minor will depend upon your career goals.

  1. English:  A minor in English focuses on one of the concentrations listed above. It complements any major at Augusta University. After passing English 2250 with a C or better, a student may choose any of four minor tracks which require only four English courses from the 3000 and 4000 series.

Lord Byron

"a drop of ink may make a million think."


All Professional Writing and Rhetoric majors are also required to complete a Junior and a Senior electronic portfolio.

All Creative Writing majors must compile and submit a Senior Portfolio consisting of works from two different genres.