Kids University

Week 1: Animals

K-1 & 2-3
These activities will be done with all grade levels, but with differing levels of development.

Students will explore a variety of Animals and how they adapt to survive in their Habitats.

Using this information, students will engineer/ create a new animal based on a given habitat.

Students will engineer/ design new items which will help an animal in its habitat, or help improve (clean) the ecosystem.

  1. Explore adaptations animals in Arctic (Polar Bears, Penguins), rainforest(boa, frogs, sloth) and Desert (Lizards, Toads, camels) habitats use to survive.
  2. Explore types of bird beaks and test different types of beaks trying to pick up/ catch/ eat different types of food.
  3. Create items for animals
    1. Hammock for a Baby Sloth
    2. Hiking pack for llamas
    3. Igloo for penguins or polar bears
  1. Design a way to protect animals from pollution, poachers, destruction of habitats by people.

Grades 4-5
Campers will play, paint, build and learn all about our favorite animals from all around the world


  1. Students will explore animals in the Sahara desert and how these animals use adaptations to survive.
  2. Explore the African Elephant
  3. Elephant art project
  4. Explore endangered animals, pick one to research
  5. Create a diorama of an endangered animal rescue sanctuary
  6. Explore the rain forest and animals that live there
  7. Create a rainforest in a box
  8. 3D sculptures of rainforest animals
  9. Explore oceans layers and marine life that live in each layer
  10. Make an ocean in a bottle
  11. Create an ocean mural

Week 2: Aviation

K-1 & 2-3

Students will explore the 4 Forces of Flight: lift, thrust drag and weight and design planes and Newtons law: Where there is an Action(force), there is an equal and opposite reaction (force) They will then use these forces to create parachutes, helicopters, planes, hovers crafts and rockets based on what they learn. They will compete in a Paper Plane challenge where they will redesign planes after test flights keeping in mind what they have learned about the 4 forces.

Books to read: Rosie Revere Engineer, Who were the Wright Brothers?, Who was Amelia Earhart?

  1. Napkin, PingPong & Egg Parachutes All
  2. Toothpick Twirlers  K-1
  3. Straw Rockets K-1
  4. Paper plate hovercarfts All
  5. Paper Fliers Engineer Challenge 2-3
  6. Wright Flight - Paper Airplane Challenge All
  7. Bernolli Principle with paper All
  8. Paper Plate Frisbee All
  9. Sled Kite engineering All
  10. Loop Flyer All

Grades 4-5

Campers will investigate aviation history, including the efforts of Leonardo DaVinci, the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong. Using historical information, they will design, create, and construct a space colony and a simple flight machine for space travel.


  1. Using principles of flight, students will construct helicopters of different lengths and widths and test the speed of descent, speed of spin and trajectory of the flight.
  2. Using principles of flight, students will make straw rockets to demonstrate thrust.
  3. Students will design and construct a space colony
  4. Students will design and construct a simple flight machine.
  5. Complete aviation scavenger hunt.----we’ll need computer lab for this
  6. Make balloon rockets and have races
  7. Make paper mache hot air balloons
  8. Science experiment on why warm air rises and cool air sinks
  9. Make paper airplanes and airplane launchers and test the distance traveled
  10. Build simple hovercraft

Week 3: Architecture & Engineering

K-1 & 2-3

Students will explore ancient architecture and how those designs changed society and are still used today.

Students will explore the strength of shapes to build structures which can support weight.

Students will design a structure that can withstand an earthquake.


  1. Based on Greek Columns, students will create a Parthenon that can hold a child.All
  2. Design an Egyptian Pyramid K-1
  3. Create a Ballista & Siege Tower 2-3
  4. Build a Bridge which can support several books using given supplies All
  5. Design a device which a group has to use as a team to stack cups into a tower 2-3
  6. Create the tallest Toothpick tower All
  7. Design the Balloon cars and compete to see whose design can go the fastest and farthest. All
  8. Build a structure on a Jello base to simulate withstanding an earthquake. All
  9. Design an Unsinkable Boat K-1
  10. Design a device which will protect an egg from breaking during an Egg Drop from a 3 story building. All
  11.  Reading the Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale And Design a House for the Pigs K-1

Grades 4-5

Campers will explore architecture and design through art and building activities, design challenges and exploration. Campers will also collaborate to design a local community that will strengthen their understanding of and their relationship to the city they live in.


  1. design and build a community out of recyclables
  2. design and make castles out of recyclables
  3. straw tower tennis ball challenge
  4. paper table challenge
  5. Becker art project
  6. Design a dream room in a house
  7. Pipe cleaner structures
  8. Design and build a treehouse
  9. Mary Blair shape collage
  10. Tennis ball lego towers
  11. Marshmallow challenge
  12. Architectural block printing

Week 4: Acting & Artistry

Using Children’s Literature, students will discover their creativity as they design  and create puppet shows.

Books to read: Three Little Pigs, 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Rhyming Dust Bunnies and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Students will design and create puppets and  backdrops to retell the stories in K-1.

2-3 will design puppets based on the stories, but create their own script/ puppet show.

Puppets designs will vary: stick, finger, paper bag

Grades 4-5

Using the famous children’s book, The Great Kapok Tree, campers will design costumes, make props, and perform the play.


  1. Students will be introduced to the rainforest
  2. Students will listen to story THE GREAT KAPOK TREE
  3. Students will be assigned to parts from the readers theater.
  4. Students will design and create the set
  5. Students will design and create costumes
  6. Students will perform the readers theatre.

Who can participate?

Children who have completed Kindergarten through seventh grade as of June 2019.

        • K-1: Accepting 30 students
        • 2-3: Accepting 30 students
        • 4-5: Accepting 30 students
        • 6-7: Accepting 30 students

Program Description

KU is building on previous years and designing a new focus moving forward.  Augusta University’s College of Education Kids University has a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) emphasis for all students K-7. The curriculum was written and designed by our professors  to challenge students and adopts a problem-solving based  approach to ensure students are engaged in fun, active learning.

Students will work on actual situations our community faces presented by local professionals, companies, university staff, and peers and will learn how to create and design viable solutions.

Morning activities will focus on the academic side of STEAM while afternoon activities will emphasize activity based fine arts. Each week of the camp is designed to stand alone, however student projects build towards a culminating project for the final week of camp.


Cost per week:

1/2 Day Participation: $130
Full Day Participation: $200
Extended Day Participation: $230
***Walk-ins not accepted***

Registration Instructions

  • Each child MUST be registered separately
  • Each child MUST be registered using a different e-mail address
  • RETURNING USERS: Please log in and register using your existing account. If you have trouble accessing your account please contact the registration office at 706-721-1490.
  • NEW USERS: Please register using the student/child's name as the "new user", not the parent/guardian. A separate field will be provided for the parent/guardian's name.
  • Register each child according to their grade level
  • Once the "Registration Type" has been chosen, then the topics/weeks will be available for you to choose. If you/your child are having trouble choosing between the half-day and full-day option start by choosing half-day to reserve your child's spot. Later, you can upgrade to the full-day option, and pay the remaining balance if you choose to do so. 

Registration help

  • Payment is due at time of registration. If payment is not made the registration will be cancelled.


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To register for additional weeks, or to modify an already created registration, please email our registration specialist at, with your child’s name, rising grade level, your requested changes included, and a good number to call you back. You may also email with any issues registering your child.

For questions regarding an already existing registration, please email or call 706-721-3967.

***Walk-ins not accepted***

Required forms

  • All Kids University participants MUST complete and submit a form packet for each registered child/student within 3 business days.
  • Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • If complete forms are not submitted within 3 business days the registration will be cancelled and a refund will be issued. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues completing your forms.

Download required forms


  • Scan and email to with the subject: KU Forms: Child’s First & Last Name
  • Mail forms to:
    Augusta University Professional and Community Education
    1120 15th Street, FI-1066
    Augusta, GA 30912
  • Bring them in person to the Professional and Community Education (PaCE) Office in the Augusta University Alumni Center
     919 15th Street
    Augusta, GA 30912
    **Enter at door facing back parking lot - Please note this door typically remains locked for safety reasons. 

Cancellation & Refunds

All cancellations are subject to a $75 cancellation fee per child per week.

Last day for a full refund minus cancellation fee is Monday before the start day of the student/child’s week. NO refunds will be given after that date.

We reserve the right to cancel. If cancellation is necessary, we will notify you to issue a full refund or to arrange the student/child’s transfer of attendance  to another week.

NO refunds will be given  for students dismissed for disciplinary reasons.


All activities will be held in University Hall and the surrounding Augusta University Summerville Campus. Augusta University Maps


What Makes KU Special?

  • Experienced teachers lead all activities
  • Qualified adult supervision
  • Diverse programming emphasizes creative activities and critical thinking
  • Kids University has been going strong for over 20 years!