The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University in collaboration with the University of Panama have developed a medical student Ultrasound curriculum.

 Below are links to the Education resources to support the educational endeavor.


Anatomia con UltrasonidoRushed Exam Diagram

Caso #1 Posterior al CursoCaso #2 Posterior al Curso


Interactive Ultrasound Cases:


Day 1 - Undifferentiated Abdominal PainDay 2 - Echocardiography / Undifferentiated Hypotension / Shock

Day 3 - Undifferentiated DyspneaDay 4 - Sonogames


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photo of Matthew Lyon, M.D.

Matthew Lyon, M.D.

photo of Eric Zevallos, M.D.

Eric Zevallos, M.D.

photo of Ricaurte Solis, D.O.

Ricaurte Solis, D.O.