We are excited to announce that our fellows now have the opportunity to complete a joint Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship and Emergency Medicine Ultrasound fellowship. It is a rigorous curriculum offered to both oncoming fellows pending a formal application process during first year. Fellows that complete the joint program will receive a certificate of completion of an Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship. This combined program will refine POCUS skills and develop leaders in Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound. We are excited to talk to you about this opportunity during your interview.


  • Application Approval
  • 1000 scans in 3 years with a minimum of 60 scanning sessions
  • 240 hours of teaching ultrasound during 3 years
  • Ultrasound Fellowship Conference Attendence during 2nd year
  • QI Project that involves Ultrasound
  • Research Project that involves ultrasound
  • See Ultrasound Fellowship Tab for details