Emergency Medicine


The FAST Exam is an ultrasound protocol to evaluate for free fluid in the abdomen. This exam is indicated for trauma or suspicion of trauma with the following: abdominal tenderness, altered level of consciousness and hypotension. 

The goal of the exam is to visualize free fluid as a result of trauma in the abdomen or pericardium.  The most common location for identification of intra-abdominal fluid or blood is within the area of Morrison’s pouch. 

0.5cm stripe correlates with approximately 500 ml blood

1cm stripe correlates with approximately 1 liter of blood.

This is the exam you practiced during Urology Lab.  The FAST exam is what you will be checked-off on during Emergency Medicine Lab.

EFAST EXAM (Extended)

Adds visualization of pleural interface to evaluate for the presence of a pneumothorax and the inferior venal cava as a guide for resuscitation and ongoing blood loss. 

Please review the following chapter:


Complete the following module below after reviewing the FAST and EFAST exams (required)

Emergency Medicine Module

Central Venous Access Using Ultrasound for Needle Guidance

Out-of-plane and In-plane needle insertion

CV Access Ultrasound Guidance Video

Modified approach

Modified CV Access Video