Evaluating for Gallbladder and Biliary Disease

Normal Anatomy on Ultrasound

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REVIEW: pages 54-65   Biliary RUQ POCUS Exam

Sonographic Signs of Cholecystitis

· Positive sonographic Murphy’s sign: pain while visualizing compression of the gallbladder.

· Gallstones: hyperechoic structures within the gallbladder lumen (posterior shadowing)

· Gallbladder wall thickening: Normal thickness is <3mm, thickness >5mm is abnormal, thickness 3-5mm may be abnormal

· Pericholecystic Fluid: hypoechoic stripe between liver and gallbladder

· Common Bile Duct (CBD) Dilation: CBD diameter: Normal is <7mm & >10mm is usually pathologic

                          Obstruction is the most common cause of CBD dilation: impacted stone, obstructing masses, or stricture.