Emphasis Training Track Rotations and the weekly track day (Wednesdays) are devoted to emphasis training.  This allows Interns to accumulate a specific expertise that is consistent with their long-range career interests and enhances their marketability upon graduation.  Interns select one emphasis training track in which the training will occur during a 4- month rotation and each Wednesday of the week (for the entire year). Note that when applying via APPIC, Interns will select from six Track choices (the availability of track rotations may be subject to funding limitations in any given year):

  • Child and Family Track (1 AU/MCG-funded intern)
  • Forensic Track (1 AU/MCG-funded intern)
  • HIV & LGBTQ Health Disparities Track (1 AU/MCG-funded intern)
  • Clinical Health Psychology Track (1 AU/MCG-funded intern and 2 VAMC-funded interns)
  • Psychology of Women Track (3 VAMC-funded interns)
  • Trauma Psychology Track (1 VAMC-funded intern)  

Note:  Interns may apply for any or all of the tracks on their APPIC match forms.