Our department has recently been befriended by Ms. Emily S. Baumann, who is a retired music therapist living in Augusta. She practiced Music Therapy at the Cleckley Building in the 1960s at University Hospital.  
History of Dr. Cleckley:
Dr. Hervey M. Cleckley (1903-1984) graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 1929 and later became the founding first Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior in 1955. Additionally, Dr. Cleckley was a psychiatric consultant for the Veterans Administration Hospital and the U.S. Army Hospital (now known as Eisenhower Hospital). 

Dr. Cleckley is famous for his work on multiple personality disorders; once termed as "mask of sanity". His work included a case study published in 1956 as a book and later turned in to a movie, "The Three Faces of Eve" in 1957. Articles regarding Dr. Cleckley and his partner in private practice, Dr. Corbett Thigpen have been displayed in the Augusta Chronicle, Time Magazine (1957, February 18), and the Daytona Beach Morning Journal (1979, June 12). 

For information regarding the Cleckley Building (University Hospital, Augusta, Georgia) and music therapy conducted at the Cleckley Building see the articles below, donated by Emily Baumann, music therapist employed at the Cleckley Building.

Cleckley Building Article
The article above is from the Augusta Chronicle, circa 1962

Music therapy at Cleckley Building
The article above is from September, 1962 regarding music therapy at the Cleckley building.  The Department of Psychiatry’s present outpatient practice is housed in the Stoney Building, which was previously the Lamar School of Nursing.