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This Department's focus is the framework of the body's cells, organs and systems, how they work and how abnormal function leads to disease.

The department is dedicated to outstanding research and excellence in education.

Our federally-funded scientists study some of the nation's top killers like cardiovascular disease and hypertension, and train independent, creative, productive scholars and PhD graduates, who publish in top tier journals and who are competitive for positions wherever they choose to go.

The department offers programs leading to the PhD degree. A combined MD/PhD or DMD/PhD degree program is available for students who obtain prior or concurrent admission to the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) or the Dental College of Georgia.

In all programs, extensive experience in the philosophy and performance of basic and biomedical research is stressed. By virtue of their interdisciplinary training, the department's graduates compete successfully for positions in medical schools, universities, government and industry.


Physiology News

doctor in lab

Sticky situation inside blood vessels can worsen stroke damage

A stroke appears to create a sticky situation inside the blood vessels of the brain that can worsen damage days, even months later, scientists report.

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MCG’s Department of Physiology to host ninth annual Lois T. Ellison Lectureship

The Medical College of Georgia’s Department of Physiology is hosting its annual lectureship in honor of the late Dr. Lois T. Ellison.

people holding awards

Six faculty members honored at Augusta University Research Institute Awards

Six members of Augusta University’s faculty were recognized at the 2019 Augusta University Research Institute Awards on Friday, Oct. 18.  

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Glucose wears down circadian clocks in obesity, may drive cardiovascular risk

High glucose in obesity appears to gum up the works of the circadian clocks inside our cells that help regulate the timing of many body functions across the 24-hour day and drive the risk of cardiovascular disease, scientists say.



Jan 23

Department of Physiology Seminar Series - Dr. Michael Brands
Department of Physiology Seminar Series speaker Dr. Michael Brands presents "Role of GFR (and Insulin?) in Controlling Blood Pressure Early in type 1 Diabetes."

Feb 06

Department of Physiology Seminar Series - Dr. Kelly Hyndman - University of Alabama-Birmingham
Department of Physiology Seminar Series guest speaker Dr. Kelly Hyndman from University of Alabama-Birmingham presents "Epigenetics of fluid-electrolyte balance."

Feb 20

Department of Physiology Seminar Series - Dr. Ellen Gillis
Department of Physiology Seminar Series - Dr. Ellen Gillis

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