Resident Teaching Awards for Exemplary Student Teaching

When medical students complete their Graduation Questionnaire they are asked about their experience with residents teaching in the clerkships. Pediatrics is one of the few departments that consistently scores ABOVE the national average. During the annual Hail and Farewell Event, individual residents are recognized for their excellence in teaching.


2023 Recognized Residents

PGY1 Residents: Dr. Natalie Arthur, Dr. Rachel Beard, Dr. Gabriel Ezuma, Dr. Ben-Patrick Gorion, Dr. Anna Schilling, Dr. Lexi Sunnenberg

PGY2 Residents: Dr. Sarah Straka, Dr. John Baek

PGY3 Residents: Dr. Monique Bailey**, Dr. Kristen Schmidbauer, Dr. Molly Shields***, Dr. Lauren Smith, Dr. Fahim Thawer**

**won in PGY2 and PGY3 years; ***won all three years of residency

Previously Recognized Residents


Dr. Daniel Allen (PGY1)

Dr. Erica DeMaagd (PGY1)

Dr. Joseph Holjencin (PGY1)

Dr. Chaitanya Sambangi (PGY1)

Dr. Molly Shields (PGY1)

Dr. Yvonne Ibe (PGY2)

Dr. Uloma Ibezim (PGY2)

Dr. Kayla Lasota (PGY2)

Dr. Lauren Lim (PGY2)

Dr. Jack Noel (PGY2)

Gary Prusky Grinberg (PGY2)

Dr. Courtney Widjaja (PGY2)

Dr. Christiana Dorsey (PGY3)

Dr. Nicole Lock (PGY3)

Dr. Irma Rashid (PGY3)

Dr. Matthew Smith (PGY3)


Dr. John (Jack) Noel (PGY1)

Dr. Gary Prusky (PGY1)

Dr. Ellen French (PGY2)

Dr. Irma Rashid (PGY2)

Dr. Jonathan Alba (PGY3)

Dr. Ashley Bohn(PGY3)

Dr. Divya Reddy (PGY3)

Dr. Danielle Rosema (PGY3)


Dr. Molly Lacoursiere (PGY1)

Dr. Matthew Smith (PGY1)

Dr. Richard Baggaley (PGY2)

Dr. Danielle Rosema (PGY2)

Dr. David Cazares (PGY3)

Dr. Joshua Coleman (PGY3)

Dr. Stephanie Komic (PGY3)

Dr. Mandy Nasworthy (PGY3)

Dr. Kaitlin Verdone (PGY3)

Dr. Aaron Worth (PGY3)