Division of Neonatology


Members of the division provide the highest level of care to neonates throughout its perinatal region and accept patients from all over the state of Georgia as well as neighboring states.

In addition, the unit serves as one of two centers in Georgia that provides extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and is the only center that can provide care for both the mother and baby under one roof.

The NICU has 42 beds and usually runs close to 100% occupancy and by virtue of its referrals, provides care to a whole spectrum of infants from the extremely premature infant to the term infant with a diaphragmatic hernia or congenital heart disease. The NICU has been recognized as an ECMO Center of Excellence since 2006.

The regional perinatal center along with the maternal-fetal component is one of six centers in the state of Georgia funded by the Division of Public Health. Data are bench marked through the Vermont Oxford Network, NPIC, ELSO and UHC.

The Division promotes a culture of team spirit and all of its faculty receive outstanding teaching evaluations year after year. In addition, faculty are extremely active in National and International conferences related to clinical neonatology and nutrition. The Division has sponsored an annual conference in Neonatology for over 30 years.

The Division has a strong commitment to research and over the years trainees have participated in both clinical and basic science research including resuscitation, stem cell and brain injury, ontogeny of bradycardia during apnea, suck-swallow studies and car seat safety to name a few. At any one time, there are two or three active research projects in the NICU in which trainees participate actively. It is the Division's expectation that each trainee complete one or more research projects and presents the work at local, regional and national arenas. The research program is supported by grants and contracts from various agencies.

Members of the Division serve on numerous State and National Committees including leadership positions. These include leadership positions in the American Academy of Pediatrics [State Committee of the Fetus and Newborn, Editorial Board of Pediatric Care Online]. Several faculty serve as reviewers of several journals and serve on national and international editorial boards.


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