Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

"A Pediatric Intensivist cares for seriously ill infants and children or those who need a high-level of monitoring in a specialized inpatient unit. Depending upon the particular institution, the patients cared for may include those with traumatic injury, respiratory failure, septic shock, neurological emergencies such as seizures, cardiac failure, cardiac surgery or organ transplantation. In many cases, care is provided in concert with other specialists and the Intensivist serves as the overall coordinating physician. Some Intensivists may supervise the care of those children who require chronic care or provide procedural sedation services. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine physicians frequently perform procedures, including intubation and placement of indwelling vascular catheters."

Council of Pediatric Subspecialties

Each year, the PICU admits over 1,000 children. Patients may be admitted for shock, severe infections, multiple organ failure, breathing and respiratory disorders, altered mental status, seizures, diabetes or dehydration. Many patients are admitted to the PICU following complex surgeries or significant injury. The Children's Hospital of Georgia is a designated Pediatric Trauma Center.

Our PICU team practices evidence-based medicine and provides care using advanced technology. Additionally, Patient and Family Centered Care is our approach for planning, delivery and evaluation of health care services.

The CHOG Pediatric Transport Team can aid children and their families anywhere in Georgia or South Carolina and can transport critically ill children by ground or air. 

Pediatric Critical Care Attendings support an active pediatric sedation service that allows children to safely and comfortably have complex imaging and diagnostic procedures. Our Attendings also support the Pediatric Evaluation Team (PET). When physicians, nurses or families become concerned that a patient may be rapidly deteriorating, the PET team is called.

Medical students interested in pediatrics can experience hands-on learning in our 4th year critical care selective.



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