Division of Pediatric Cardiology


Division of Pediatric Cardiology



The modern dedicated pediatric cardiology outpatient office located in the center of the Augusta University Health medical complex, provides a pleasant, child oriented environment for appointments. This area includes much of the diagnostic testing equipment necessary for comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation, so that test results are available at the same clinic appointment. The waiting area is filled with both educational and recreational information and games for all ages.


Hospital care is provided in several areas which are dedicated to pediatric cardiovascular services. Pediatric cardiologists work closely with associates and colleagues in critical care, pediatric heart surgery, neonatology and cardiac anesthesia to provide the best comprehensive care possible.

Heart Surgery

The board certified pediatric heart surgeon at the Children's Heart Center at Augusta University utilizes a dedicated operating room and dedicated staff to perform the most up-to-date heart surgery from newborn to adolescence.

Cardiac Catheterization

The Children's Heart Center 's Cardiac Catheterization suite at Augusta University is the first hybrid catheterization laboratory in this area.  This special suite is ideal for procedures from premature babdies to adults.  It is utilized to perform Hybrid procedures, percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation, stent procedures in the aorta and pulmonary artery.

Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

The Children's Heart Center at Augusta University provides care for all patients with congenital heart disease regardless of age. We have a dedicated office for adults with congenital heart disease staffed by experts in congenital heart disease, heart surgery, interventional cardiac catheterization, and electrophysiology.