Gurmukh Singh

Chief, Section of Clinical Pathology

Gurmukh Singh, MD, PhD, MBA, CPE, FCAP, FAAPL
Shepeard Chair in Clinical Pathology


The faculty and staff of the Division of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine provide comprehensive, state of the art, in-vitro diagnostic testing in the sections of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology and Hematopathology, Microbiology, and Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine as well as perform therapeutic apheresis. The clinical pathology faculty provides consultation services to other hospital and university departments and conduct translational research in their respective sub-specialty areas. The clinical pathology laboratories consist of hematology/hemostasis, flow cytometry, urinalysis, bone marrow, chemistry, toxicology, clinical immunology, blood bank/transfusion medicine, microbiology, blood gas laboratory, pediatric, family medicine, Cancer Center laboratory, and point of care testing.


The service and laboratory procedures conform to the standards prescribed by the Department of Health and Human Services as detailed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988, Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, College of American Pathologists, Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control, and other Federal and State agencies. The faculty and staff meet and often exceed the required qualifications. Continuous quality improvement activities are in place and are oriented to the quality of diagnostic services, timeliness of reports, efficiency, safety requirements, and quality control of laboratory activities.


photo of Gurmukh Singh, MD, PhD, MBA, FCAP, CPE, FAAPL

Gurmukh Singh, MD, PhD, MBA, FCAP, CPE, FAAPL

  • Walter L. Shepeard Chiar of Clinical Pathology,
  • Vice Chair of Pathology for Clinical Affairs,
  • Chief of Clinical Pathology and Medical Director of Chemistry, Toxicology, and Point of Care Testing,
  • Professor
photo of Roni Bollag, MD, PhD

Roni Bollag, MD, PhD

  • Director, Transfusion Medicine Fellowship Program,
  • Director, Georgia Cancer Center Biorepository/BRAG-Onc,
  • Professor
photo of Natasha Savage, MD

Natasha Savage, MD

  • Medical Director of Hematology & Hematopathology Laboratories,
  • Associate Professor
photo of James Shikle, MD

James Shikle, MD

  • Medical Director of Blood Bank
  • Associate Professor
photo of Hasan Samra, MD

Hasan Samra, MD

  • Medical Director of Microbiology
  • Assistant Professor

Clinical Pathology Labs:

Laboratory Sections


Phone Number
ACC Specimen Collection


Alternate Site Testing




Cancer Center AN-2610 706-721-1739
Core Lab ( Blood Gas, Chemistry, Hematology) AD-3301 706-721-2120
Family Medicine BP-1148 706-721-4596
Immunology AD-3301 706-721-3378
Microbiology/Virology BA-1672 706-721-2807
Pediatric Teaching BP-3230 706-721-7536
Specimen Receiving AD-3301 706-721-2876
Specimen Referral AD-3301 706-721-4868
Toxicology AD-3301 706-721-2120
Transfusion Medicine BI-2029 706-721-2731