Alan Saul

Alan Saul, PhD

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology


Dr. Alan Saul's lab studies how the brain processes time, especially in terms of thalamic function, using electrophysiological methods primarily. Dr. Saul performs clinical and animal testing of retinal function, and works on improving methods for these tests, in particular in human multifocal electroretinography.

Research Area

Summary: Dr. Saul's work focuses on how the brain processes time, using electrophysiological methods.

Key research areas:

  • Making clinical multifocal ERG testing more patient friendly, natural, and useful to clinicians.

  • Development of novel methods for testing retinal function in humans and rodents

  • Finding methods for early diagnosis of retinal dysfunction caused by diseases such as diabetes

  • Applying sheaf theory to understand how the brain performs local-global transformations

  • Psychophysical testing of timing variations across populations

Primary Specialty: Electrophysiology

Educational Background

B.S. Mathematics California Institute of Technology
M.S. Mathematics West Virginia University
PhD Applied Mathematics Brown University
Postdoctoral research Dalhouse University and University of Pittsburg