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Georgia Rural Telehealth Consortium’s Mission is to promote collaborations among medical providers giving care in rural areas of Georgia. The Consortium's goal is to share ideas, knowledge, and research, all with the aim of improving Telehealth access and healthcare research in rural communities. Join us in making healthcare more accessible!




Build a user-friendly database that gathers information from healthcare providers, improves its ease of use, and allows approved users to easily access and utilize the data for clinical improvements and research.

Create and use tools that help Georgia researchers work together better, making their research processes more efficient and effective.

Bring people together to come up with and carry out new research ideas that can improve the health of Georgians. The research should be based on evidence and involve input from caregivers, patients, and providers.

Help rural patients get involved and benefit from Telehealth research by connecting and promoting research through consortium members.



Georgia Rural Telehealth Consortium Members

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Current Members

Medical College of Georgia - Wellstar at MCG
Appling Healthcare System
Burke Health
Candler County Hospital
Emanuel Medical Center
Evans Memorial Hospital
Jefferson Hospital
Jenkins County Medical Center
Memorial & Manor Hospital
Washington Regional Medical Center
Wills Memorial Hospital

Director - Dr. Matt Lyon, MD

Rural Health Virtual Care Network

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MCG Center for Telehealth

Health Sciences Campus

Pavilion III

Room 3229