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Quality health care centers around relationships: people to people connectivity. Telehealth is both a platform and a strategy to include those near and far in quality health care. The MCG Center for Telehealth is the bridge connecting the resources of a state-wide medical school and an academic medical center to those who have health care needs including the consumer and the provider. The Center is a health care connectivity resource for all of Georgia bringing Patient CareResearch and Education to new locations and populations through our academic missions and service platforms.




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Dr. Matt Lyon
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Doctor Matt Lyon: Physician for the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Doctor Matt Lyon is an emergency physician .... 
WRDW Telehealth Equipment
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Wellstar, MCG push to improve telehealth for patients

Wellstar and the Medical College of Georgia are working to improve telehealth for you at home.
Dr. Lyon and Ralph Turner
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Wellstar MCG Health expands telehealth program to serve rural areas

Wellstar MCG Health has announced plans to widely expand their Telehealth Center to meet the needs of many in the state of Georgia.