The delivery of graduate medical education, as well as continuing education and lifelong learning, requires that students embrace and effectively use computer technology. Upon starting Phase I, all MCG students in Augusta and Athens must own a laptop that meeting a list of required minimum specifications. The MCG faculty will utilize the laptops to deliver education, encourage collaboration, provide assessments and a host of other purposes found in the table below:

Required Usage of Laptops in Class and/or Rotations/Residencies

Supplemental Usage of Laptops

Digital Microscopy, Online Testing, Simulation, Small Group Problem Based Learning, NBME (moving to required online testing), Communications and Collaborations with remote faculty & students throughout the state, Online Course Delivery via Augusta University’s Learning Management System, One45 Course Evaluations, Audience Response Systems (in lieu of clickers), Virtual Anatomy Lab Viewing Captured Lectures, Exam/Board Preparation, Simulation, Email Communications, Utilizing Electronic Reference Materials & Resources, One45

Mobile Devices

MCG does not require students to own mobile devices. However, we find that many students do find great value in mobile devices. Augusta University provides an app free to all students on Android and Apple Devices. Services, such as a map, directory, events, course listing and other features keep you connected to the university whether you are on campus or a world away using your mobile device.

ITSS provides enterprise e-mail delivery support for Blackberry and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Financial Impact on Students:

  • In March 2009, of the 453 medical students in their first three years responding (83%), only 50 (11%) did not own a personal laptop.
  • Students have the freedom to choose whichever laptop they want, PC or Mac, to as long as it meets minimum requirements.
  • Because the laptop will be required, students without a laptop will be able to utilize financial aid to purchase the laptop. If your are receiving financial aid, your budget contains $1500 for the purchase of a laptop computer to meet these requirements, $50 per month for high speed internet connectivity and $32 for the Audience Response System (ARS) license.