Dear Prospective Resident

Choosing a specialty and the residency program to fulfill your residency education needs is one of the most important and challenging decisions of your medical career. The quality of clinical venues and their teaching resources are important considerations as one evaluates programs that best meet clinical interest and learning styles. Augusta University's MCGMedical College of Georgia Family and Community Medicine Residency Program and its diverse learning settings provide unique opportunities that complement the broad interest of residents and faculty.

The department's clinical teaching venue for residents and students, the Family and Community Medicine Center, is in the process of transforming clinical activities to incorporate patient and family-centered care concepts in the context of a patient-centered medical home as evidenced by its recent National Committee for Quality Assurance recognition as a PCMHpatient-centered medical home. This practice transformation will ensure quality assessment and improvement by applying measurable evidence-based medicine in individual and practice-based population health and disease management. Resident education in this setting will provide preparation for contemporary Family and Community Medicine practice in an evolving health care environment.

The department's outstanding faculty interests allows residents to participate in PFCCpatient and family-centered in areas such as geriatrics, sports medicine, health disparities, rural medicine, practice-based population care and research, health services research, medical informatics, medical telecommunications, behavioral medicine, office laboratories, global health and advanced procedure skills development. We are confident the program provides an opportunity for residents to receive excellent and relevant graduate medical education in diverse clinical venues to include the academic health center and multiple community hospitals and practice settings as well.

photo of Jason Lanham, MD

Jason Lanham, MD

  • Program Director,
  • Family and Community Medicine


photo of Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH

Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH

  • Department Chair,
  • Family and Community Medicine