We view simulation as an integral part of residency training. As such, we have dedicated a tremendous amount of resources to our simulation program.

Emergency Medicine Simulations
Emergency Medicine Simulations
Emergency Medicine Simulation


Highlights of our program include:

  • Dedicated Simulation Suite. The simulation room is adjacent to our department lecture hall and is designed to resemble an actual ED. Available equipment includes:
    • Adult Sim Man Manikins (2)
    • Pediatric Manikins (3)
    • Adult and Pediatric Airway Management Trainers (4)
    • Femoral, Internal Jugular, and Subclavian Line Models
    • Peripheral Intravenous Access Ultrasound Model
  • Dedicated Simulation Faculty.  Emergency Medicine-trained faculty with a particular interest in simulation, will be instructing simulations.
  • Dedicated Simulation Time. Individual residents participate in simulation training on a weekly basis. Additionally, at least one hour of our monthly Grand Rounds time involves simulation. Resuscitations are viewed and critiqued in an open forum. Feedback for improvement is provided in a supportive, collegial environment.
  • Open Access. All residents are provided with the ability to access the simulation lab after hours.