Shift Structure IconShifts in the emergency department are structured to maximize instruction and clinical experience.

Highlights include:

  • 9-hour shifts with a built in 1-hour overlap with oncoming residents. The overlap allows for a 'wrap up' period and eases the transition that must occur at the end of shifts.
  • Decreased shift responsibilities with increasing EM level. Shifts per 28 day cycle change with each year:
    • EM-1:  21
    • EM-2:  20
    • EM-3:  19
  • Triple attending coverage 24/7. Such coverage enhances both teaching and patient care.
  • Philosophy of “Graded Responsibility.” During the progression from an EM-1 to an EM-3, residents will be expected to become more independent and more efficient. Senior-level residents will also assume a greater role in managing the overall department and assist in the instruction of both junior-level residents and medical students.