Residency Leadership

photo of John McManus, MD

John McManus, MD

  • Interim Director, Residency Program
photo of Dan McCollum, MD

Dan McCollum, MD

  • Assistant Residency Director
photo of J.R. Barrett, MD

J.R. Barrett, MD

  • Assistant Residency Director

Academic Leadership & Staff

photo of Matthew Lyon, MD

Matthew Lyon, MD

  • Vice Chair of Academics & Research
photo of Stephen Shiver, MD

Stephen Shiver, MD

  • Vice Chair of Clinical Operations
photo of Alejandro Baez, MD

Alejandro Baez, MD

  • Vice-Chair, Operational Medicine

Academic Staff

photo of Bridgette Beard

Bridgette Beard

  • Residency Program Coordinator 2


photo of Nichole Burrell

Nichole Burrell

  • Office specialist