Welcome to the online home of the Emergency Medicine Residency program here at MCG. This site offers the ins and outs of our program as well as information about our current residents, alumni, and staff. If you have any questions this site cannot answer, please reach out. Our contact info can be found below.

We are excited to announce our 2018/19 incoming Residents:

Valynn Antoine, MD  -  Kelly Arnold, MD
John Bunyasaranand, DO  -  William Guyton, DO
Spencer Heggers, MD  -  Tony Locrotondo, DO
Patrick Loeffler, MD  -  Britta Martin, MD
Soham Parikh, MD  -  Charles Parker, MD
Stanton Royer, MD  -  Wayne Rummings, MD
Chavez Scott, MD  -  Stephen Taylor, DO

Why Choose MCG?

The Emergency Medicine Program has a lot to offer residents.

  • Resident Centered Program. We value residents' opinions and believe the best way to improve our residency is through resident feedback and ideas.
  • Diverse, experienced faculty. Our faculty varies greatly in age, background, and interests. Here, you will interact with career academicians and seasoned clinicians who have spent significant amounts of time in private practice. Both are essential in producing a complete EM physician.
  • Niche Concept. In addition to providing a well-rounded EM education, we will assist you in becoming an expert in your particular area(s) of interest.
  • Comradery. Faculty and residents enjoy working together in an academically challenging yet supportive environment.

In addition to our excellent program, Augusta, Georgia, is a great place to live! We are blessed to live in a community with a low cost of living, temperate climate, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

Contact Us

   706-721-2613       706-721-9081