With the NSF funding, we are able to support a limited number of undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend the workshop.  Undergraduate students are not required to give a presentation to receive the travel award.  Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who apply for the travel award, must present posters or give five-minute oral presentations on their respective research closely related to the theme of this workshop.

Interested students should apply for the travel award by March 1st,  2023, at the workshop’s Registration web page with the following information:

1. The student name, institution, undergraduate major or graduate program

2. For undergraduate students: a paragraph (up to 200 words) stating why attending the workshop is beneficial to the student’s future research.

       For graduate students: a paragraph (about 200 words) stating the student’s current research and why attending the workshop is beneficial to the student’s research, along with the title and abstract (to be submitted at the Registration page) of your research.

3. The total estimated budget that includes: 

    • The distance that the student must travel to Augusta for the workshop
    • The methods of transportation the student will use – by car, by air, or by bus
    • The lodging cost
    • The registration fee

4. A letter from the student’s advisor (sent to sghosh@augusta.edu and dphs@augusta.edu) about whether the student has access to funding for attending the workshop at the student’s home institution.