Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Population Health Sciences (DPHS) in the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University (AU). The department, established in 2017, strives to build a transdisciplinary research infrastructure, educational programs, and community partnerships to improve the health of all populations, in line with the 200-year history of MCG’s pursuit of better health. DPHS was shaped by consolidating two closely affiliated MCG units with synergy and common passion - the Georgia Prevention Institute and the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology.

The department currently has three divisions. The Division of Biostatistics and Data Science focuses on developing innovative methodologies in quantitative science to advance biomedical research; collaborating with biomedical and public health researchers on study design and data analyses; and training biomedical, public health and quantitative scientists. The Division of Epidemiology is engaged in research and educational endeavors for understanding the relationships between determinants and outcomes of health through epidemiological studies. The Georgia Prevention Institute, the third division of DPHS, is actively engaged in research, education and community health, with expertise in cancer genetics, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fitness, nutrition, substance abuse, and more, continuing with its 35-year tradition. The three divisions, while pursuing distinct but related goals, are well-integrated and work together for the overarching goal of improving the health of populations through research, education and community engagement. Together, we play a vital role in the education mission and the multidisciplinary and translational research mission of MCG and AU, crossing the boundaries of academic colleges.

I am truly excited and honored to be the inaugural chair of the department. Working with our faculty, staff, students, institutional leadership, and the local and state stakeholders, I am confident that we can continually make significant and meaningful contributions towards building better health and improving the quality of life for our community, the citizens of Georgia and beyond. I invite you to explore this site to learn more about our research, and our educational and community engagement endeavors.


Varghese George, Ph.D.

Varghese George