Postdoctoral Fellows of DNRM

Xuanyu Chen, PhD

PhD - Huangzhong University of Science and Technology, China, 2014
Telephone: 706-721-1757
Room: CA2054A

Mentor:  Quansheng Du, PhD
Research Interests:  Function of protein in DNA damage

De-huang guo, PHD

PhD - Shanghai Medical University, China, 1998
Telephone: 706-721-1369
Room: CA3064

Mentor:  Alexis Stranahan,  PhD
Research Interests:  The use of high-fat diet mouse models to identify the cognitive dysfunction, behavior change and cellular events associated with obesity and inflammation. 

Yun Lei, Phd

PhD – Pharmacology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015
Telephone: 706-721-8767
Room: CA2055

Mentor:  Xin Yun Lu, PhD
Research Interests:  Cellular metabolism and stress responses

Yong Li, PhD

PhD - Peking Union Medical College, 2010
MS, China Medical University, 2005
Telephone: 706-721-8765
Room: CA3055

Mentor:  Quanguang Zhang, PhD
Research Interests:  Cannabinoid receptor neurology

Tzu-wei lin, PHD

PhD - National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 2015
Telephone: 706-721-9157
Room: CA3055

Mentor:  Jianhua Xu, PhD
Research Interests:  Synaptic plasticity and Neurodegeneration

Raysa rosario-acevedo, PHD

PhD - Universidad Central del Caribe - School of Medicine, P.R., 2013 
Telephone: 706-721-0599
Room: CA2050A

Mentor:  Xingming Shi, PhD
Research Interests:  The role of PPARᵧ controlling bone and immune functions

 Jing Wang, PhD

PhD - Peking University, Beijing, 2011
Telephone: 706-721-8329
Room: CA4040

Mentor:  Darrell Brann, PhD
Research Interests:  Neural development and neurodegenerative diseases; Neurogenesis and neuroregeneration after stroke and traumatic brain injury

Tong Wang, PhD

PhD - China Medical University, China 2013
Telephone: 706-721-8765
Room: CA3055

Mentor:  Jianhua Xu, PhD
Research Interests: 
Vesicle recycling at presynaptic nerve terminals