Danielle Mor, PhD

Director, HPLC Core


The mission of the HPLC Core is to provide analytical resources to our faculty members interested in protein biochemistry and neurotransmitter measurements. The Core is supported by the DNRM Research Enrichment Funds.

The new HPLC Core facility in CA 4055 has the following two HPLC systems:

Neurotransmitter and Metabolite Analysis:

Amuza HTEC-510

  • 160 attomole sensitivity for dopamine and serotonin
  • 5 fmol sensitivity for acetylcholine
  • Up to 30 fmol sensitivity for other neurotransmitters

Size Exclusion Chromatography:

Agilent 1260 Infinity

  • Globular protein (10 - 600 kD) separation
  • Peptide/fragment or large biomolecule analysis by request
  • Fractions are collected and can be further analyzed by the user