One45 is a web-based system for Medical School administrators, students, faculty (including those in the community), residents and program staff. It is used to:

■ Manage your course and clinical rotation schedules

■ Set up customized student assessment and program evaluation workflows

■ Distribute reports to decision-makers

■ Create flexible patient case and procedure logs

■ Help address accreditation requirements by maintaining data to address specific standards

■ Facilitate the process of mapping curricular content and interfaces with the AAMC CurrMIT system

One45 Help

One45 offers two types of help:

■ In-context help-when in one45, the Help tab is the rightmost of the top tab

■ The one45 help site- which is customized based on your role

■ Course Directors and Course

Help for Students

Help for Residents

Help for Site Coordinators and Faculty Assistants

Help for Teaching Faculty