Augusta University Medical College of Georgia Policy for Review of Educational Research Proposals

Approved by the Curriculum Oversight Committee July 2010 (Amended 2019)

The Office of the Associate Dean for Evaluation and the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs must review and approve educational research projects that fall into Categories 1-3. Projects that fall in Category 4 do not require review and approval.

  1. Projects that propose approaching students/residents for data collection outside of or in addition to regular educational events (e.g., conducting surveys, focus groups, non-course related testing, etc.).
    Rationale for the Associate Dean for Evaluation's role: (1) Collection of research data from students/residents should not interfere with educational activities; (2) collection of research data from students/residents should be coordinated across existing research projects so that students/residents are not overburdened at any one time and so that integrity of ALL collected educational research data is maximized.
  2. Projects that propose use of MCG educational data originally collected for non-research purposes (e.g., course or clerkship test scores or grades, student/resident ratings, etc.).
    Rationale for Associate Dean for Evaluation's role: (1) The data involved are MCG data; (2) the Office of the Associate Dean for Evaluation is the keeper of such data; (3) individual researchers should request permission to use those data.
  3. Projects that involve educational or curricular research that do not include additional or new survey data but which are intended for dissemination outside the institution, i.e. publication.
    Rationale: same as in category 2.
  4. Internal analysis and reports of curricular material performed by the or module committee or course directors for curricular revisions, improvement, or for new methods of delivery and/or assessment without the intent for dissemination outside the institution will not require review or approval. If, at a later date, individuals wish to publish these data, review and approval will then be necessary, as this redefines the project as described in categories 2 and 3.

The Curriculum Oversight Committee charges the Associate Dean for Evaluation in conjunction with the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs with the review and approval of educational research projects. This review and approval process is entirely separate from any required by the Institutional Review Board. The IRB approval is for research subject protection and the additional approval is designed to protect the educational process and provide oversight of the curricular/educational data.


Educational Research Review Form