Dr. Sang-Ho Kwon

Congratulations to Dr. Sang-Ho kwon!

Exciting News! Dr. Kenneth Sang Ho Kwon has received notification of an R01 from the NIDDK (National Institutes of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases) effective July 1. This five year award will allow Dr. Kwon to understand the regulation of exosome release and its role in acute kidney injury.

Congratulations Dr. Kwon!

Added 7/8/2019


Dr. Yutao Liu and Hongfang Yu

Congratulations to Dr. yutao liu!

Dr. David Hess acknowledged Dr. Yutao Liu's fantastic accomplishment in the Medical College of Georgia Deans Diary on June 14, 2019. Dr. Liu brings a $2.1 million dollar NIH grant to fight keratoconus.

Dr. Liu, vision scientist and human geneticist in the Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy, just received a $2.1 million grant from the National Eye Institute to better understand what the disease and the gene mutations associated with it do to the cornea, which lets most of the light into our eyes so we can ultimately see. Like most of you, his long-term goals include finding better ways to treat or even prevent keratoconus and avoid results like extreme nearsightedness and double vision. He has even developed the first keratoconus mouse model to enable these studies that will also examine human corneal tissue. Like Steph Curry, Dr. Liu has great teammates like cornea specialist Dr. Amy Estes and collaborators at Duke University. Congratulations and thanks Dr. Liu and team – David Hess.

Read the full article here.

Added 6/18/2019

Congratulations to Dr. Yutao Liu!

Dr. Yutao Liu

Great News!  Dr. Yutao Liu, Associate Professor of CBA, has been awarded an NIH 5 year R01
entitled: Cellular and Molecular Genetics of Keratoconus. Drs. Mitch Watsky, Sylvia Smith,
Amy Estes (Ophthalmology), and Hongyan Xu (Biostatistics) are co-investigators on this award.

Congratulations to all!


Added 4/25/2019

Congratulations to CBA Educator of the Year Recipients!

During the MCG Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 25, 2019, two members of our faculty were honored with Educator of the Year Awards. Dr. William (Bill) Pearson, Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy, was presented by Christian Cullen, President, Class of 2022. Dr. Brett Szymik, AU/UGA Medical Partnership, was presented by Miller Singleton, President, Class of 2020 on behalf of Taylor Tabb, President, Class of 2022.

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

Added 4/25/2019

Graduate Research Day a Success for CBA Graduate Students !

Several CBA graduate students were recognized for EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH at last night’s GRD dinner:

Chandler Goldman (Cellular Biology and Anatomy Excellence in Research Award)
Mackenzie Hagan (Graduate School Excellence in Research Award)
Shannon Barwick (Culver Vision Discovery Institute Excellence in Vision Research Award)
Jessica Pierce (Fisher Scientific/Phi Kappa Phi Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research)

We acknowledge two students who were excellent ambassadors for CBA in the 3MT competition:
Helen Kaiser and Soumya Navneet

Congratulations to these students!

Added 4/25/2019

Congratulations to CBA Graduate Students!

CBA is celebrating the recent achievements of two students. Congratulations to Mariam Lofty Khaled, from Dr. Yutao Liu's lab, for successfully defending her thesis April 22, 2019. The title of her thesis, In Search of Genetic Mutations for Familial Keratoconus. Additionally, Congratulations are in order for Soumya Navneet, from Dr. Sylvia Smith's lab, for successfully defending her thesis April 24, 2019. The title of her thesis, Neuron-Glia Interaction and Role of NRFin Hyperhomocysteinemic Retina. 

Best wishes and congratulations on a job well done!

Added 4/24/2019

Dr. Alexa Hryniuk

Congratulations to Dr. alexa hryniuk!

Great News! Dr. Alexa Hryniuk has been invited to represent the Medical College of Georgia as a delegate for the 2019 NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) Invitational Conference for Educators in Indianapolis, IN.

Congratulations Dr. Hryniuk on this prestigious invitation!

Added 4/15/2019

great news!

Dr. Meghan McGee-Lawrence’s 2nd year medical student (Medical Scholars Program participant, Summer 2018), Brooke Vinson, was awarded 1st place in the 2019 Langman Graduate Student Platform Presentation Award competition at the AAA meeting at the Experimental Biology meeting. Brooke’s presentation was titled, “Estrogen deficiency from ovariectomy enhances the formation of osteocyte plasma membrane disruptions from treadmill exercise in vivo.” Special thanks to Dr. Anna Edmondson and Dr. David Kozlowski for their feedback to shape Brooke’s presentation into its winning form!

Congratulations to all!

Added 4/15/2019

Graduate research day -  a huge success!

Congratulations to the CBA graduate students for their participation in the Graduate Research Day poster session. Anuj Sharma, Mackenzie Hagan, and Jessica Pierce from Dr. McGee-Lawrence’s lab, Ting Liu from Dr. Chen’s lab, Mariam Khaled and Jingwen Cai from Dr. Liu’s lab, Devi Boggupalli and Chandler Goldman from Dr. Gonsalvez lab, Helen Kaiser from Dr. Hamrick’s lab and Shannon Barwick from the Smith lab represented CBA very well. Congratulations to our students and their mentors for their contributions to science!!!

In addition to mentors who served as judges, there are several other CBA faculty members who participated in judging including Drs. Ming Zhang, Ellen LeMosy, Sangho Kwon, Xingjun Fan, Barbara Mysona, and Jing Wang. Thank you!

Finally, Dr. Hamrick, our CBA PhD program director served on the planning committee for GRD and also judged post-doctoral oral presentations and Dr. Watsky, Dean of the Graduate school is responsible for the success of this day. We thank him for his dedication to the Graduate School. Great effort by many! Bravo!

Added 4/2/2019

Dr. Ming Zhang

Congratulations to Dr. Ming zhang!

Great News! Dr. Ming Zhang has been awarded a BrightFocus Foundation Macular Degeneration Research award “The role of cytomegalovirus in the development of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD)” beginning July 1, 2019.

Congratulations to Dr. Zhang on this fantastic news!

Added 3/26/2019

Dr. Sylvia Smith

Congratulations to Dr. Sylvia Smith!

Dr. Sylvia Smith received supplemental equipment funding on her NIH RO1 grant entitled, "Sigma 1 Receptor: a novel therapeutic target for retinal degeneration."

Congratulations Dr. Smith!

Added 2/12/2019

Congratulations to Dr. Alexa Hryniuk!

Dr. Alexa Hryniuk, Assistant Professor of CBA, has been accepted into the Augusta University Academy of Health Science Educators. Her application was reviewed by a set of external reviews from other Academies, internal Academy reviewers from AU Health Science Colleges, and members of the Academy selection committee. Her excellence as an educator is clearly evident, her skills and expertise will be a wonderful and welcomed addition to the core of campus educators.


Added 1/30/2019