CBA graduate students 2022

The graduate program in the Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy offers research training opportunities in the dynamic field of cell biology. The department has strong collaborative ties with many of the research centers, institutes and clinical departments on campus and offers a rich environment for scientific discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

Students are graduate research assistants and have the opportunity to pursue research that covers the continuum of development, normal processes, disease/degeneration and death. Some of our faculty investigate polarity and patterning in developing organisms. Other faculty members study mechanisms of protection, repair and regeneration related to diseases of the kidney, bone, breast, visual and auditory systems and the central nervous system. A broad array of genetic, molecular, cell biological, and biochemical tools are used in vivo and in vitro studies of multiple model systems including rodents, zebrafish, drosophila. There are numerous substantive interactions with clinicians offering myriad opportunities for translational research.

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CBA PhD Candidates

photo of Frederick Baker

Frederick Baker

  • Year of Entry: 2019
  • Mentor: Graydon Gonsalvez, PhD
  • Lab: CB2917
photo of Theresa Akoto

Theresa Akoto

  • Year of Entry: 2020
  • Mentor: Yutao Liu, MD, PhD
  • Lab: CB1123


CBA Graduate Students

photo of Husam Bensreti

Husam Bensreti

  • Year of Entry: 2020
  • Mentor: Meghan McGee-Lawrence, PhD
  • Lab: CB2707
photo of Anik Tuladhar

Anik Tuladhar

  • Year of Entry: 2020
  • Mentor: Meghan McGee-Lawrence, PhD
  • Lab: CB2707
photo of Jennifer Dorn

Jennifer Dorn

  • Year of Entry: 2021
  • Mentor: Meghan McGee-Lawrence PhD
  • Lab: CB2707
photo of Phylicia Allen

Phylicia Allen

  • Year of Entry: 2022
  • Mentor: Graydon Gonsalvez, PhD
  • Lab: CB2917
photo of Kazi Rafsan Radeen

Kazi Rafsan Radeen

  • Year of Entry: 2022
  • Mentor: Xingjun Fan, PhD
  • Lab: CB1119
photo of Dima Alhamad

Dima Alhamad

  • Year of Entry: 2022
  • Mentor: Meghan McGee-Lawrence, PhD
  • Lab: CB2707


We are proud of our recent graduates:

Hannah Youngblood, PhD ~ July 2022; Dr. Yutao Liu

Emily Parker, PhD ~ June 2022; Dr. Mark Hamrick

Shannon Barwick, PhD ~ May 2022; Dr. Sylvia Smith

Mackenzie Hagan, PhD ~ May 2021; Dr. Meghan McGee-Lawrence

Chandler Goldman, PhD ~ August 2020; Dr. Graydon Gonsalvez

Devi Prasad Boggupalli, PhD ~ May 2020; Dr. Graydon Gonsalvez

Helen Kaiser, PhD ~ May 2020; Dr. Mark Hamrick

Ting Liu, PhD ~ May 2020; Dr. Jian-Kang Chen

Jingwen Cai, PhD ~ December 2019; Dr. Yutao Liu

Jessica Pierce, PhD ~ December 2019; Dr. Meghan McGee-Lawrence

Mariam Khaled, PhD ~ May 2019; Dr. Yutao Liu

Soumya Navneet, PhD ~ May 2019; Dr. Sylvia Smith

Khaled El Masry, PhD ~ May 2018; Dr. Mohamed Al-Shabrawey

Lawrence Hicks, PhD ~ May 2018; Dr. Graydon Gonsalvez

Chunyuan Guo, PhD ~ August 2017; Dr. Zheng Dong

Kate Buckley, PhD ~ October 2015; Dr. William Hill

Paulomi Sanghavi, PhD ~ August 2015; Dr. Graydon Gonsalvez

Shanu Markand, PhD ~ May 2015; Dr. Sylvia Smith

R. Nicole Howie, PhD ~ April 2015; Dr. Mohammed Elsalanty