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Established in 1829, the Medical College of Georgia Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, or BMB, is an academic home to interdisciplinary translational research for disease detection, prevention and treatment.

We are delighted that you have decided to visit our department’s website. Our mission also includes the education and mentoring of future researchers, physicians and physician-scientists and service to the AU and greater scientific community.

The research mission is focused on inventing better diagnostics and newer targeted therapies for the benign and malignant diseases of the bladder, brain, breast, eye, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, and prostate. The research areas encompass biomarkers, chemoprevention, DNA damage and repair, drug resistance, the epigenome, immunotherapy, the microbiome, molecular signaling, natural products, protein modifications and targeted therapy. Our faculties are supported by major funding agencies, and the insight gained by their work has been published in reputable peer-reviewed journals.

Home to the Biochemistry and Cancer Biology Graduate Program, the BMB Department offers PhD degrees, along with a combined MD-PhD program available to medical students. The students move on to competitive careers in academia, industry, and governmental agencies. The education mission is also served by faculty participation in undergraduate and graduate medical education, as well as the Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP).

Working together as a cohesive academic family, the faculty, staff, students and fellows are committed to advancing BMB’s tripartite mission.

Dr. Lokeshwar and her lab students
Kebin Liu, John Klemnt and Priscilla Redd pose for camera
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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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BMB News

photo from article Fourth-floor research labs officially open in the College of Science and Mathematics

Fourth-floor research labs officially open in the College of Science and Mathematics

Augusta University leadership, faculty, staff and students gather for the ribbon-cutting of the College of Science and Mathematics Building's fourth floor, a space open to all colleges and dedicated to interdisciplinary research.

Man and woman standing in research lab

Georgia Cancer Center awarded $2.3 million grant for acute myeloid leukemia research to improve patient survival

A new $2.3 million grant from the National Cancer Institute is giving the Georgia Cancer Center the opportunity to understand how those cancer cells resist primary treatment and propose new treatment options that may improve patient survival.

Three people in white coats stand in lab looking at camera

Cancer that spreads to the lung maneuvers to avoid being attacked by “killer” T cells

The discovery may help explain why sometimes promising immunotherapies designed to help the immune system kill cancer don’t.

Man in glasses sits in front of microscope and looks at camera

Making glioblastoma more vulnerable to treatment

The aggressive brain cancer quickly becomes treatment-resistant and the average survival remains at about 15 months.

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