General Information


  • 732 Seats
  • 8 spaces for persons in wheelchairs
  • If sound board location in front of house is not used, 5 additional spaces for persons in wheel chairs are available.
  • 745 total capacity in audience area
  • 64 seating positions can be added to down-stage thrust area
  • 809 total theatre capacity
  • Spaces for persons in wheelchairs cannot be used for regular temporary seating. Standing room is not allowed


  • Freight elevator is available for all load-ins
  • Elevator is 9' 6" ft. long, 8ft. wide and 8ft. tall
  • Theatre load-in door is 6' 7" tall, 5' 7" wide
  • Scissor lift is also available for load-in and load-out
  • Elevator and lift are located directly behind theatre

Stage Information

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium width-51 ft from wall to wall
  • Proscenium depth-27'6” from back wall to edge of stage
  • 25'6” from back wall to front curtain line
  • Stage right wing- 25 ft long, 15 ft. deep
  • Stage left wing- 23 ft. long, 35 ft. deep
  • Grid height- 24 ft.


Stage Floor

  • Rosewood tongue and groove type floor (semi-dark flat finish), sprung
  • Rosco dance floor - black (available for rent)


Fly System

7 single purchase counterweight lines - 750 lbs capacity

inside theatre

Distance from Plaster Line    
0' 1" Dead Hung Grand Valance
0' 9" Dead Hung House Curtain
2' 8" Dead Hung Screen
3' 4" Counterweight 1st Electric
5' 4" Counterweight Legs - Otherwise Pipe is Available
7' 1" Dead Hung Border
7' 9" Dead Hung Legs
11' 1" Dead Hung Border
12' 9" Dead Hung Legs
14' 5" Dead Hung Mid-Stage Traveler
15' 4" Counterweight Available Pipe
16' 0" Counterweight Available Pipe
16' 9" Dead Hung Legs
18' 8" Counterweight Border
22' 1" Counterweight 2nd Electric
22' 9" Dead Hung Up-Stage Traveler
23' 4" Counterweight Available Pipe


Masking (all drapes are black)

  • 1 Grand Valence
  • 1 House Curtain (opens and closes from left to right/manual pull)
  • 4 Sets of Legs
  • 3 Borders
  • 2 Travelers (one midstage, one upstage, both are manual pull and are dead hung; can not be altered)


Screen and Projector

  • Panasonic PT-DZ21K 20,000 Projector
  • 20' X 32' screen, dead hung, motor driven (front projection only)
  • Control: Crestron



  • Stage Right-400 amp, 3 phase disconnect (hook-up cables and tails are not provided)
  • Stage Left-no power hook-ups available
  • Numerous 15 amp outlets located SL, SR, rear wall and orchestra pit

Orchestra Pit

Pit is set up in 2 individual sections. Upstage section is approximately 24 ft. wide at edge of mainstage.  Upstage section is approximately 21 ft. wide where it meets the downstage section of pit.  Upstage section is 10 ft. deep. Downstage section is 21 feet wide where it meets the upstage section of the pit. Downstage section is approx 17 feet wide at the downstage edge.  Downstage section is approximately 10 ft. deep.  Both sections lower to create a 6 foot deep orch. pit.

Both sections can be raised to create a 10 or 20 foot apron to the front of the main stage. The up-stage section will also lower to the down-stairs dressing and green room areas to make costume load-ins much easier. When the pit is pit floor level it is at the same height as the pit apron. In this position the entire thrust stage area is on the same level. In the center of this area the thrust stage is approximately 30 ft. wide by 27 feet deep. Downstage of the center line the thrust stage gets more narrow.

Lighting Information

Show Control

  • 1 ETC Ion with 40 count customizable fader wing



  • ETC Sensor 3 dimmer rack with 150 2.4 K dimmer circuits


Lighting Positions

  • Front of house-cover position (half oval set-up, approx. 20 circuits)
  • Front of house-truss position (truss config. is as follows: 3 rows of 40 feet of truss perpendicular to stage-10 ft. apart, sides or truss are 20 ft long, approx. 25 ft. above stage floor, contains approx. 48 circuits-stage pin, truss is hung 3 ft. off front edge of the stage)



  • Lights are focused using automatic Genie Lift. Truss comes down to floor level for hanging



  • On-stage 1st electric- Contains 11 circuits (stage pin), as well as 4 doubled circuits
  • On-stage 2nd electric- Contains 11 circuits (stage pin), as well as 4 doubled circuits
  • 3 stage left and 3 stage right boom positions (dead hung)-9 stage pin circuits are located in floor pockets on each side of stage near booms.
  • There are also 7 stage pin circuits located in floor pockets 3 ft. off of rear stage wall.

Lighting Equipment

  • 56 Source 4 ellipsoidal fixtures (575 watt)
  • Source 4 ellipsoidal lenses:
    • 4-50 degree - (2 high definition)
    • 12-36 degree
    • 50-26 degree
    • 2-10 degree
  • 8 Scoops, 14 inch (1000 watt)
  • 27 Source 4 Pars with narrow, medium, and wide flood lenses (575 watt)
  • 4 Par 56 fixtures, medium flood lenses (1000 watt)
  • 8 Par 64 fixtures, medium flood lenses (1000 watt)
  • 6 Par Barn Doors for Par 56 or 64 fixtures
  • 12 Source 4 Parnells (575 watt)
  • 4 six inch Altman Fresnells
  • 7 ten inch Altman Fresnells
  • 6 Sections of ground row, 8' long, 4 circuits per unit, contains 150 watt bulbs (each section is available with floor trunions as well as hanging hardware)
  • 6 Altman 3 cell cyc lights (1000 watts per cell)

*We have various amounts of cable and two-fers in different lengths. (Enough to accommodate out standard lighting set-up)

No follow spots available

Sound Information

Mixing Positions

  • Back Stage
  • House
  • Booth

All positions contain power hook-ups, left and right outputs, monitor outputs, clear-com outputs as well as lighting control.

House Consoles

  • Yamaha LS9 32 Digital Mixer
  • Mackie 24-4
  • Mackie DFX 6x2


House Speakers/Amplifiers

Theatre house speaker cabinets (two Meyer UPJ-1P units on each side) are inserted in recessed walls on both the left side and right side of the main stage. Each is powered by its own power amp with built in cross-overs.

Monitor Speakers

Self powered or powered by power amps. located in amp. rack on back-stage left wing. (amp. type-Peavey CS 800)

Type of Monitor Speakers

  • 4 Peavey 5P - 112M wedges
  • 2 Peavey CS 800 amps
  • 2 QSC KW 152 (self powered) loud speakers
  • 2 QSC KW K12 (self powered) loud speakers
  • 2 Makie SRM 450 (self powered) loud speakers



  • 3 Aufio Technica Unipoint 853a (unidirectional choir mics.)
  • 5 PCC 160 floor mics 
  • 4 AKG 1000 condenser
  • 3 Shure SM58
  • 3 Shure SM57
  • 4 ElectraVoice 635A (instrument mics)
  • 10 Shure Beta 87A wireless (10 handheld and 10 lapel mics available that can be used one per channel. 10 channels available.)


Microphone Stands

  • 10 boom stands
  • 4 straight stands
  • 8 short instrument floor stands


Playback Rack

  • 1 Tascam A630 single tape deck w/ 3 disk changer
  • 2 Denon DN-C630 single CD deck


Communication Gear

  • 10 TTI belt packs and head-sets (cable also provided)


Miscellaneous Gear

  • 1 100 ft. 6 channel sound snake (xlr inputs only)
  • 1 100 ft. 16 channel sound snake (16 xlr inputs w/ 4 ¼ inch connections)
  • 1 100 ft. 24 channel sound snake (24 xlr inputs w/ 4 ¼ inch connections)
  • 1 50 ft. 16 channel sound snake (12 xlr inputs w/ 4 ¼ inch connections)
  • 1 Beringer Ultra-curve digital equalizer
  • Sound cables (various lengths of microphone, speaker, power, and hook-up cables are available)

Dressing Room Information

Chorus Dressing Rooms

There are 2 large dressing rooms located one floor below stage level. Each have their own mirrors, sinks, lights, restroom and showers. (will accommodates about 25 people in each room)

Star Dressing Rooms

There are 2 star dressing rooms on the stage level. Each have individual restroom facilities but without a shower. (each accommodates two people)

Green Room

Green room is located one floor below stage level. One wall is completely covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling and also contains a piano for warm-up purposes. (will accommodate about 30 people) If chairs are needed in green room, they must be requested.

Scene Shop

Scene Shop can accommodate large groups over 25. It is located on stage level.


Other Information


Theatre does not own a portable shell.

Special Effects Equipment

2 Mini-strobe lights


9 Wenger 4x8 platforms with adjustable legs (8 inch, 12 inch and 23 inch)

Backline Gear

  • Theatre contains no backline gear for use or rental
  • Local rental contacts:
    • Jay's Music (706) 736-1250
    • Moretz Production Service (706) 724-6566
    • Tracer Audio (706) 832-0122



Theatre has one 9 ft. Steinway grand piano. The piano is available for rent. Tuning is extra.

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