Georgia County Project ECM I (2009-2010)

Georgia County Project
ECM I (2009-2010

County Location

Georgia Department of Community Health: Division of Public Health
County and District Location

County Health Department Links

County Demographics

Georgia Statistics System: County Demographic Profiles (Summary Sheet)
OASIS Population Data (Age, Race, Ethnicity, Sex)
Vital Statistics Report 2007 (Estimates of Population By Race and Age)
U. S. Census 2000 population by Race and Hispanic or Latino origin
Georgia Statistics System: Cross Sectional Analysis

Socioeconomic Status

Georgia Statistics System: Cross Sectional Analysis
Note: To run a query 3 steps must be applied to chosen county: major topic, sub-topic, and specific data. For example:

  1. Economics>Transfer Payments>Transfer Receipt (e.g. medicare)
  2. Health>Public Health Problems>HIV/AIDS
  3. Labor>Labor Force, Employment>Unemployment Rate

Georgia Statistics System: Unemployment Statistics
Health Insurance Coverage Status for Counties

Other Factors that Influence Health

Georgia Statistics System: Cross Sectional Analysis
Note: see Socioeconomic Status section for web site directions.

  1. Courts and Crime>Reported Index Crime

Comparison to Georgia and US

State & County QuickFacts
Kaiser Family State Health Facts (State to U.S. comparison broken down into category, sub-category, or topic)

Health Indicators

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Healthy People
2010 Leading Health Indicators
Healthy People 2010: Health Indicators
OASIS Behavioral Risk Factors by District

Additional links can be found at Georgia County/State Stats.