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The Hull College of Business Career & Academic Planning (CAP) Center provides comprehensive services for employers recruiting Hull College students and alumni.

About Our Students & Programs

The Hull College is AACSB accredited and currently enrolls approximately 1200 students across in five undergraduate programs and one graduate program. As quantified in our student outcomes, our students are highly recruited and are typically employed in their chosen field within six months of employment.

Bachelor of Business Administration


Job and Internship Postings

Utilize the free job and internship posting service to help your organization recruit for your full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. Visit our Career Services Manager to post your job. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please call the Hull College Career & Academic (CAP) Advising Center, 706-737-1560, CAPCenter@augusta.edu.

Recruiting Options

In additional to posting a job or internship, you may want to consider one of the recruiting options listed below. An advisor in the Hull College Career & Academic Planning (CAP) Center can help you develop an effective recruiting strategy to fill your hiring needs. Please contact the CAP Center for additional information regarding the recruiting options below, 706-737-1560, CAPCenter@augusta.edu.

  • Resume Referrals — Advisors can help you gain access to major-specific or industry specific resume books. Contact the Hull College Career & Academic Planning Center for more information, 706-737-1560, CAPCenter@augusta.edu.
  • Information Tables — Register to have a table in a student traffic area during peak class times to promote current, specific employment opportunities. Employers can recruit up to two days a semester using information tables during designated times in the term.
  • Information Session — Register to have a room reserved on campus to present information about your organization while fielding student questions. These sessions allow you to highlight your organization and can result in well-informed candidates.
  • On-Campus Interviewing — Interviews can be scheduled to take place on-campus to better accommodate employer needs and student schedules.
  • Career Fairs — Participate in our annual and regional career fairs to access a larger applicant pool and increase the visibility of your organization.


  • Donor Recognition Program — Employers are encouraged to support the efforts of Augusta University, the services of the Career Services Department, and the services Hull College Career & Academic Planning (CAP) Center through donation to the annual Augusta University fund. Unrestricted gifts to the Augusta University Foundation provide funding for many programs that are not funded through the state, such as scholarships, technology, research, and other special initiatives to enhance all services if the institution.

    Restricted gifts to the Career Services Department or the Hull College Career & Academic Planning (CAP) Center can also be designated through the Augusta University Foundation. Donor recognition can be discussed with the Assistant Dean if you are interested in making a monetary contribution to support programs and services. Restricted gifts of any amount can be designated for enhanced career programming, employer development, technology and other need based initiatives.
  • Event & Services Sponsorships — Sponsorships are a great way to interact with prospective applicants and establish a campus presence to foster an organization's recruitment needs. Some sponsor costs are as low as $200 and provide great branding and promotional opportunities for your organization with our services. Sample programs include advertising in the annual CAREER GUIDE publication for students, sponsoring the student etiquette dinner, and becoming an employer sponsor on the website with your logo/link. If you wish to financially sponsor a special program or service, please contact the Assistant Dean to discuss ideas for a future semester event that may be of benefit to your organization.

Career Services Consultations

Advisors are available to assist you with your recruitment strategies and can provide resources to help you maximize your recruiting efforts. For example, advisors can provide:

  • Data regarding competitive salaries for specific positions or industries
  • Contacts and resources to help facilitate training or recruitment needs
  • Contacts and resources in specific areas to help target recruitment needs
  • Assessment of your current hiring practices and suggestions for connecting with targeted populations

To schedule a consultation, please contact the Hull College Career & Academic Planning Center at 706-737-1560, CAPCenter@augusta.edu.

Career Services Employer Breakfast

Come meet the "front-line" staff members who can help you connect with qualified candidates. Introduce the staff to your company culture, hiring needs, and recruitment practices so they can better assist you with your recruitment needs.

To schedule an employer breakfast, please contact the Hull College Career & Academic Planning Center, 706-737-1560, CAPCenter@augusta.edu.

Employer Policies

The Hull College of Business and the Augusta University Career Services Department welcomes the opportunity to develop relationships with employers to assist employers with their hiring needs. To maintain positive relationships between the university, employers, and students, employer policies have been created. Please visit the Career Services Department website for policy information.